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The Zhong Ding school of Tai Chi has grown from strength to strength ever since, and is now one of the largest Tai Chi organisations in the UK, with branches throughout Europe as well as the Orient.

The South West branch has classes throughout Devon, with nearly twenty qualified instructors in the area. Regular seminars are held each year with visiting Masters from the Far East who are renowned experts in their field.

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About Zhong Ding South West

The group was established in the mid 1980s by its Chief Instructor John Fowler and quickly grew in popularity through his classes in Torquay, Brixham and Newton Abbot. John had originally been a student of Julian Crow, who had studied Tai Chi in Malaysia for three years.

In the late 1980s John met Master Nigel Sutton on one of Nigel's instructor courses in London. He quickly realised that Nigel's expertise was what he needed to take his classes to a new level, and so the South West branch of the Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association was formed.
When John met Nigel's teacher, Master Tan Ching Ngee, he was invited to become Master Tan's 'inside student'. (An inside student has a special relationship with a teacher, being let 'in the door'.) Master Tan was a student of the 37 posture form's founder, Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching.
Both John and his senior student at the time, were chosen to represent Great Britain at the first Chung Hua Cup International Tournament which was held in Taiwan in 1990. John was also invited to become an inside student of another of Master Sutton's teachers, Master Lau Kim Hong.
Master Nigel Sutton
Master Tan with Grandmaster Cheng
Master Lau Kim Hong