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We encompass a wide range of traditional Chinese arts, including Chi Kung, but our main art is Cheng Man Ching-style Tai Chi.


The parent Association runs classes throughout Europe and holds regular seminars with visiting Masters from the Far East.


The Association was established in 1987 by its Chief Instructor, Nigel Sutton, at the request of his teacher Tan Ching Ngee of Singapore. The purpose of the Association is to promote and research Tai Chi Chuan and other Chinese martial arts.


Nigel is the author of several books on Tai Chi Chuan, and now lives in Malaysia where he continues to study and write.


Tai chi chuan, T'ai chi ch'üan or tàijíquàn?

How we spell Chinese on this site.

Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association



Watch mesmerised in silence

As the white crane spreads its wings

With grace embrace the tiger

As the Chinese music sings


Roll back in perfect balance

Step forward seven stars

Join this meditation

Feel the inner peace that's ours


Step back, repulse the monkey

And see the snake creep down

Take a look at all our faces

Complete, serene without a frown


With love our masters guide us

Honoured true disciples we

To cross hands, apparent close up

Her Tai Chi


Val Reynolds

Master Nigel Sutton
Master Tan Ching Ngee